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Well never mind what I said, it looks like I'll be off the market for the next year or two. Elli and I have agreed that we will be switching roles until Keegan is ready for preschool. She's had enough diapers and crying to call the task of motherhood accomplished, and I'm more than happy to spend time with my kids who I've missed out on during the period that they are the most miraculous. Plus I'm an objective person and I reject the premise that raising children is a woman's job. And did I mention that I love pajamas, coloring, naps and cartoons???

I think I'll work on verboten and screwpress during naps and evening hours but as far as I'm concerned my full time job is being a Dad. Given the circumstances I probably won't be updating my site much over the next year either. I'm curious how my perspective of 18 years of software development will change after I spend a few months around infants.


It's official, I'm back on the market looking for my next job. There are quite a few positions out there and I'm pretty excited about the options I'm seeing. Recruiters, if you have a job that matches my skills, is local, full-time and not Java, send me an email.

To the potential employer, please bear in mind that I have been on part-time Dad duties for the last two years with two accidentally back-to-back bundles of joy. Along with two jobs that demanded a lot of my attention, I haven't given my website or plugins the love they truly need. But they'll always take a backseat to my family and employer so at least I have my priorities straight - and two infants in two years is a lot of priority.


Happy Anti Birthday Keegan! Yep it has been six months since Keegan was born and I'm proud to say Elli and I have survived the worst of it. I'm declaring smooth sailing from here on out :/

Speaking of smooth sailing... Most of my family already knows but for those that don't I was let go from my job last week. Although the event was a very unexpected surprise I have come to terms with it and will enjoy the long-overdue vacation. I'll be taking a few weeks off to rest up and focus on my family before I start looking for my next work family. I plan on supporting Elli and spending a lot of time with my kids. I'm also going to rework my resume and upgrade my site, so I'll be a little busy over the next few weeks.

In other news, I won the TWC settlement against Kelly Hill and then discovered this while reading the backlog of personal email and I'm just at a loss for words. I feel pity for anyone who forks over any amount of money to her, but I'm also slightly more hopeful that I might get some of the thousands of dollars she owes me (and technically my family.) I also think TWC and perhaps the IRS will be glad to review any assets she acquires.


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