Marcus Pope

Husband, Father, Inventor, Programmer Highlands Ranch, CO - °

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Great Scott, it has been so long since I've looked at this website... it was hideous. It really needed a new design, et voila we have the culmination of a couple hours of effort.

In other news I recently started working part time for AgileLaw. I wasn't planning on looking for work until next year but the opportunity was a perfect match in terms of technology, schedule flexibility and workload.

Turns out life as a stay at home Dad is awesome, I highly recommend it if you can afford it and convince your SO. There were periods where I had hours a day to do with as I please, and then there were days where at least one child was awake at any given moment and being terrible too of course. Thankfully those days have started to settle down... now don't mistake my calm we're experiencing torrential 3 yo and 2 yo bouts of terror, but they sleep, a lot. Which means Elli and I sleep, more than we used to... just still not enough because we punish ourselves I guess.


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