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Baby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Evelyn Sleeping Second DayBaby Shower Card for EvelynBaby Shower Card for EvelynDiana Elli Marcus and Evelyn Newborn Elli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Holds Evelyn Pope for the First TimeElli Laughing Minutes Before Birthing EvelynEvelyn Pope 0th Birthday Vitals CheckupEvelyn Pope 0th Birthday Vitals CheckupEvelyn Pope 0th Birthday Vitals Checkup

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  1. 2012

    Ah, how life goes supersonic during the holidays. Evelyn is doing wonderfully, and has slept 7-8 hours each night this week. Development work has definitely slowed to a crawl, but I still think I can finish before 2013 (which has a nice unlucky/verboten connotation. Springbox work has been light, but still engaging. And my social life has pretty much been killed. But overall life is pretty good.

  2. 2012

    2013 will also bring the return of WordPress plugin support. I'll finish Evelyn's site, which was put on hold because I needed the enhancements to verbotenjs to implement the planned features. And why add more work to my limited plate by doing them in reverse order only to result in refactoring debt. And with VerbotenJS and ScrewPress getting flushed out in the process, it will also be the start of my application frenzy. I've made a lot of plans for various applications that I intend to build with verboten as a foundation. ScrewPress will ultimately transition into an application framework, instead of just a cms. And because it's so minimalistic at its core, applications won't feel like a blog with plugins tacked on the side.

  3. 2012

    On the good news front, I'm feeling much better, Elli and I have taken Evelyn out to dinner for two problem-free days in a row, and despite the three trips to Home Depot, we now have a working kitchen faucet and some clean baby bottles to boot. We also found a great new restaurant - Niks to add to our fairly limited dining options that are close to home - I highly recommend it.

  4. 2012

    In baby news Evelyn is doing really well. Her weight is up and her umbilical cord fell off today. Last night she slept for several 3 hour blocks and we're hoping for a repeat tonight. I've let the house slip a little as I've been rushing to finish up Evelyn's website. But overall Elli and I are getting some better sleep. And we've confirmed Evelyn will take to a bottle, so pretty soon Elli can get a full night of sleep. I'm still thinking about writing some software to track her schedules but I really don't expect to have the time to take on such a venture before it's really not much of an issue anymore.

  5. 2012
    1. Over 600 images were added to the digital asset management server - including many of Evelyn
  6. 2012

    We're still doing well - and we're actually getting a good routine going. This weekend some family will be visiting to see Evelyn for the first time. And I might end up writing some software to keep track of Evelyn's poop and feeding schedule because apparently the concept of web-based software has eluded those who have written the existing apps for tracking this stuff. I found one company that offered a web-based solution but they closed up shop. I'll keep doing research before taking on another development project, but really people I shouldn't have to manually sync two iphones to share the same information between two people, that's why the web is such a powerful platform, and we really need to start embracing that concept... a little earlier than 12 years after the rise in popularity of the internet.

  7. 2012

    So much has happened in the last 3 days it's hard to know where to begin. We named her Evelyn Aurora Pope, bought the domain and headed home from the hospital with a clean bill of health for her as well as Elli on Wednesday. Our hospital stay was brief yet full of experiences. Evelyn pooped non-stop, she peed only when we had her diaper off mid-change, she burps and farts like a champion, and she fed like a competitive eater which resulted in her actually gaining weight on her first day of life - an accomplishment considering how much weight babies lose when they poop out the meconium. She's wailed and cooed, she's slept and played, she even had hiccups for the first time today. (Apparently sleep delerium makes you speak in rhyme.)

  8. 2012

    The only issue we've had is getting proper latches. At this point Elli is having a difficult time with painful nursing due, most likely, to a partially complete latch. Evelyn is filling up but her feedings are a little on the longer side, and the pain is getting pretty bad. It could very well just be the pain of first time nursing, but the last minute tutorial we got at the hospital resulted in the nurse getting a really comfortable latch. Elli was able to mostly reproduce it during that lesson, but since it has been painful. We'll find out at tomorrow's pediatric appointment.

  9. 2012

    She's still cluster feeding at night, so Elli takes it easy during the day while I take care of just about everything. Then she takes over at night and manages the feedings while I sleep. I slept in the room with her and aided her as best as I could. A poop slipped out of Evelyn's diaper and ended up leaking everywhere so I was there to get new clothes and change her. I was also, until today, the better burper so I had a bit part in the feedings. But without boobs I'm not really much use during the night. But tonight was a blessing - Elli went to bed around 10pm after feeding Evelyn. Evelyn then slept for 4 hours! I held her in my arms and watched cartoons and the muppet movie. Besides a couple squirms here and there she was Sleeping Beauty (hence the middle name.) I even managed to change a dirty diaper without waking her, an accomplishment I thought would take weeks.

  10. 2012

    So it's 2:30 and I've passed the torch off to a wide and awake Elli - who was also in disbelief about the evening. I also managed to load up a good number of the photos to this site - so if you search for Evelyn in the search bar above you can see some of them. There's still plenty more photos to come. I have pagination for photos on my development todo list, but for now you're only able to load the top 35 pictures. And search is pretty slow because I haven't upgraded to the latest version of ScrewPress.

  11. 2012

    It's late and I need to go to bed so I can be ready for tomorrow. And this weekend Evelyn gets to meet her Aunts Lori and Audrey, and her Grandmother Mary for the first time. If I haven't contacted you yet, it's because I'm still getting the swing of things. And thank you all for your kind words and gratuitous offers, it's inspiring how much our society comes together during times like this.

  12. 2013

    Alas, Diana was able to drive from the hospital to the house and wake me up and tell me the news. I can't imagine how the next few months will go considering Evelyn is still so young, but HomeImprovementLeads is giving me three weeks paid paternity leave and only after a few months of employment. Thanks Dan!

  13. 2013

    Evelyn held her own bottle for about 30 seconds tonight, and she sat up on her own for about 5 minutes. Between eating 9 oz before bed and going to sleep without being asleep before I put her down we're totally on track to sanity. This will probably jinx it, but it's great news considering the month long sickness melodrama.

  14. 2013

    An almost perfect day. Evelyn, though sick, is doing quite well. We almost had a pneumonia scare today but that did not pan out. I got to sleep in an extra hour than normal, and Elli and I took a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon. The house is almost spotless because we thought Elli's parents were dropping by, but we at least had a nice dinner with them. Evelyn did an amazing job at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. Granted, she lost her shit just before dinner and was whisked away by Mary to the lobby. But she was pushing an hour and a half dinner time, so completely understandable. We're passing on my best friend's birthday party tomorrow because he has two kids one of whom had a really bad spout with RSV already, so no need to push that button. He's turning 34 this year, and is probably the oldest (duration) friend I've ever had. I doubt he reads this, but Thomas happy birthday, you've been there and put up with some of the craziest times in my life, and only judge me for about half of it!

  15. 2013

    Family is doing better - I'm over my cold, Elli is too. Evelyn might still have the remnants of one. Otherwise life is starting to resume back to normal, hopefully for a little longer this time. Evelyn started sucking her thumb yesterday - and she mirrored me when I showed her various holds while thumb sucking, like wrapping a finger over the nose. She mimicked me 4 times in a row so I'm calling it more than coincidence. She's close to saying momma on prompt, she wails it when she's crying in my arms and calling out for Elli, but it's still partly just a cry so I'm not counting it yet. Her dexterity is amazing, extremely controlled, and it came out of nowhere. Just magically one day she could trace the outline of my hand with her fingers ever so lightly grazing the skin.. it's incredible watching brain development in what feels like hyper speed. Her Cry Smile is heart crushingly hilarious! It comes and goes so quickly that we've never been able to capture it with a camera - one day!

  16. 2013

    But with my new position at Argand, I'll be leading a staff of developers to produce a socially engaging site designed to promote well-rounded academic profiles for students K-12 (mostly the 9-12 group.) It will basically be a chance for me to continue using all of my advanced responsive HTML5 mashup skills, but on a product platform that is solid (read: free of technical debt.) I was able to devise an ideal benefits and perks package, I get to pick the right developers for the job, and along with the President and her executive staff, we get to define a product instead of being told what's best by a client that may or may not know what's best. It was a slightly risky career move given Evelyn is only 4 months old and Elli is busily loving being a full-time Mom, but opportunities like this don't usually fall in your lap.

  17. What's New

    In other awesome news, Evelyn turned 5 today and we had a wonderful birthday

  18. What's New

    special one for all of us - Evelyn said it was her most favorite day ever.

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    School Work for Evelyn and Keegan

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    Evelyn's Workbook