Marcus Pope

Husband, Father, Inventor, Programmer Highlands Ranch, CO - °



AgileLaw's E-Deposition Platform Site


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, C#

Middleware: NGINX, Apache, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MemCache, RabbitMQ, LocalStorage, S3

Browsers: IE10+, FireFox, Chrome, Mobile Safari Web Application

Platforms: iOS/Android Cordova Application, AWS Ubuntu & Windows Services

Libraries: Yii, jQuery, Backbone, SocketCluster, PDFTron, OAuth, JWToken

APIs: Relativity, DropBox,, Stripe, Groove

Tools: Selenium, Cordova, GapDebug, Vagrant, Monit, AWS, Git

Features: New feature development and extensive performance & reliability fixes. UI redesign. 3rd-Party document integrations and a Microsoft Office document conversion service. Modern customer signup wizard. Real-time multi-user workflows with socket messaging. Functional tests and documentation.

L7 Desktop

L7 Desktop Shell for Windows


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#

Middleware: Microsoft HTA, NodeJS, .Net

Platforms: Windows Desktop & Server

Libraries: VerbotenJS, L7 API, Tracking.js, OpenWeather

APIs: Win32API, COM, L7 Orb, Canvas

Tools: JSONDB, Nircmd

Features: A fully integrated HTML application that serves as a replacement for the windows shell. Communicates with a C# ORB process that allows for event-driven messaging and low-level hook integration with the host OS.

Uses natural language processing to administer the operating system and manage my application workflows. Provides application and project tracking metrics to my project management system PWNN. Uses real-time object and facial recognition to monitor my front door. Adjusts screen and UI brightness based on ambient light levels, and icon color based on luminosity analysis of the wallpaper.

My College Scout

My College Scout


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

Middleware: Apache, NodeJS, MySQL, MemCache

Browsers: IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Mobile

Platforms: Rackspace Ubuntu & Windows Servers

Libraries: Symfony, Twig, Bootstrap, jQuery, Highcharts

APIs: Facebook, OAuth

Tools: Jenkins, PhantomJS

Features: MCS was a social networking and portfolio management application for high school students to better prepare them for college admissions.

Cue Music

Multi-Source Streaming Audio Player


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Middleware: Microsoft HTA

Platforms: Windows Desktop & Server

Libraries: VerbotenJS


Features: This desktop HTML application allows me to stream music from YouTube, Amazon, SoundCloud, and Pandora via one source. Commercials are muted and the application can mix and match sources in playlists.

The platform is extensible with plugins that allow for playing videos in full screen or running the Geiss screen saver.




Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, C#

Middleware: Apache, MySQL, MemCache, PostgreSQL

Browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Platforms: AWS Red Hat & Windows Server

Libraries: ZendFramework, jQuery, Highcharts

APIs: Facebook, OAuth

Tools: Jenkins, Mantis

Features: In addition to developing the features above for the public facing website, I also lead the development of their web crawler. The crawler collected college class schedules from public university websites.

The system ran a distributed network of Windows services (AWS) and was capable of crawling most of the campus websites in the US in under a week without causing any significant target server load. It supported self-load-balancing the number of crawlers based on semester enrollment when schedule data was most volatile.

Designed with a wrapped Internet Explorer COM instance, we were capable of extracting data from virtually any website, including script-heavy CMS's.

MSN @ Cannes

MSN @ Cannes Film Festival


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP

Middleware: NodeJS, MongoDB

Browsers: IE9+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Platforms: Heroku Cloud

Libraries: ExpressJS, Backbone.js

APIs: Twitter FireHose

Features: We created a social media engagement for MSN at the Cannes Film Festival. People could tweet their friends with a special hashtag and ask for retweets to earn points. Doing so produced a planet that orbited on a large display and as they earned more points their planet grew or orbited closer to the center.

Power Engineers Site


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP

Middleware: IIS, WordPress, MySQL

Browsers: IE8+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Platforms: Windows Server

Libraries: ContactForm, jQuery, Custom WP Theme, WPRootRelativeURLs, WPEnhancedWYSIWYGEditor

Features: One of many custom WordPress themes I developed for Springbox. This site uses a couple of my WordPress plugins for easier content migration and WYSIWYG/HTML editing. And while it responsively handles desktop, tablet and mobile viewports, it appears someone broke the desktop to tablet breakpoint since I launched the site in 2012. But otherwise the site is pretty much as I originally built it.

Gallery Direct Site


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP

Middleware: Vanilla PHP Templates

Browsers: IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Libraries: jQuery

Features: This project was just a synthesized view of mock data so that I could code the front end logic/markup. I then handed that off to the in-house development team at Gallery Direct who worked on the backend. This site still contains a lot of my original code, but it too has quite a few flaws in the final product that were beyond my scope to fix.

The site is subtly more complex than it appears, particularly the print and framing options on a selected work. This was one of the first projects I used PixelDiff on to ensure near perfect rendering on all platforms.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, ActionScript

Middleware: Apache, Flash, MySQL

Browsers: IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Platforms: Red Hat

APIs: OpenWeather

Features: One of my all time favorite companies to work with. We maintained their site (in flash :/) and did a bunch of promotional work on micro sites (in HTML, tg.)

My favorite was a contest to submit a statement to be added to the underside of a bottle cap. I built a bottle cap rendering widget that scaled the text to fit inside a picture of their bottle caps. You could save the image client side and send it to your social networks for voting.

We also did a summer-long promo where if the weather reached a record high you could pickup a free or discounted bottle of SLT depending on the severity.


CSID (now part of Experian) Site


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

Middleware: IIS, WordPress, MySQL

Browsers: IE9+, FireFox, Chrome, Mobile

Platforms: Windows Server

Libraries: ContactForm, jQuery, Custom WP Theme, WPRootRelativeURLs, WPEnhancedWYSIWYGEditor

Tools: PixelDiff

Features: Just your standard company website. This was the first project I used my own WordPress plugins to facilitate easier development and a better end-user experience for the client.

A few things have changed on the site but it managed to keep up most of the original work after 30 Internet years and a company merger, not bad.

Chevy SuperBowl

Chevy Route66 SuperBowl XLVI Contest


Languages: HTML5, CSS3, C#, JavaScript

Middleware: IIS, SQLServer, MemCache

Browsers: IE9+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari Mobile

Libraries: jQuery, ASP.Net, MVC3

APIs: Brightcove CDN, Layer7 CDN, Layer7 dedicated server farm

Tools: JMeter cloud on AWS

Features: We developed a rich media website that could handle a full page takeover ad on The traffic and server load was staggering. But we managed to maintain sub second response times in 7 major countries through global marketing events and during the SuperBowl commercials and contest winner announcement.

I did most of the infrastructure and server side programming, but I also helped out with some of the video playback features as well. Having an impossible goal with an immovable deadline made watching that game supremely satisfying.

Premier Global

Premier Global Services Website


Languages: HTML4-Strict, CSS, JavaScript

Middleware: Apache, MySQL

Browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

Libraries: jQuery, Smarty

Tools: WAMP

Features: This was an awful project and I hesitate to add it to my profile. But it's the nicest looking piece I have from pre-2010 and I wanted to fill the grid on my portfolio page :P PGi came to us with a framework the picked up from some dude who hacked together a spaghetti code in 2003. I don't even remember the name and that's OK, because it is certainly lost to the ether now. The point is that I managed to make it work, cross-browser, including IE6. (I've written cross-browser sites for even IE5, but they fugly and I keep them in a zip archive so I don't have to see the thumbnails.)