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This is a sampling of my prior public work. Not everything I've worked on has been a public facing application so I can't show you internal tools and back end systems I've developed. And many of the screenshots here look pixelated and blurry because I'm stretching poor quality png's... sorry 'bout that.

Public Website

This is what I and two other developers have been working on for the last 6 months.

MCS Homepage MCS GradPlan MCS Showcase

PanCAN - Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Public Website

For the next six months I'll be knee deep in some pretty horrendous India-outsourced, XHTML-Transitional, Table-Laid-Out, Copy/Paste-Bloated, Code-Comment-Lacking, 500k-loc ERP software they use to manage their internal workflow. When I'm done with it, it will be a lean web app kickin some shiny html5 rims. It's a damn shame we couldn't start from scratch, but the scope of new development combined with bug fixes just didn't allow for rewriting everything. Did I mention the 7-layer customized webforms architecture??? 2.0 existed when this application was written, yet they still chose webforms :(

Well it seems I jumped the gun on that point. Since I've left Springbox, I won't be involved with this project anymore. It's in capable hands and I'm sure Porsha will appreciate the effort they'll put into making their core application a much better experience to work with.

Power Engineers

Power Engineers launched about a month ago - an HTML5, responsive site built on WordPress with heavy backend customization and a nice clean UX for what is truly a very dry, content-heavy site. The responsive layouts are delivered using a combination of front end and back end logic so the load performance is pretty snappy. I didn't have time to performance optimize the main slide deck, so the homepage does take about 1.5 seconds longer to load than I had intended. And honestly I can't stand the dither overlays on all of the images, and without them the site looks so much cleaner in my opinion, but I didn't have a say in the matter :D

Power Engineers

Power Engineers Screenshot Power Engineers Screenshot

MSN Cannes Festival

It's really a shame this project was so short lived because the still frames don't do the site justice. We were tasked with creating a little competition based on Twitter activity for MSN's Advertising division. The premise started out as King of the Twitterverse whereby the king of the mountain held a top spot in the ranks for getting the most retweets of their observations about cool things going on at the Cannes festival in France. Unfortunately Twitterverse didn't swoon the legal team, so we were left with "Tweets In Space."

Basically with a retweet you were given a planet that rotate around the "twitterverse" galaxy. With more retweets you got a moon, and with another your moon developed it's own orbiting satellite. The entire dashboard swirled around the center galaxy including the planets and a myriad of stars. We relied on MassRelevance to provide realtime metrics which was great because Twitter's api actually went down for four hours during the event.

Twitterverse Screenshot

We knocked this project out in about two months using a number of great technologies. We used Node.js and hosted the production deployments on Microsoft's Azure cloud. Backbone.js, require.js, underscore.js, mongodb, express.js with Jade templating all made this project run smoothly. It was a nice change of pace from WordPress and it was great to finally use these components on a production site. All around one of the better projects I've been fortunate to work on lately.

The site was also responsive, and designed to work with tablets and mobile phones. In the begining we didn't think we'd have the time to optimize everything for 1080p projectors as well as mobile devices so we opted for a more static leaderboard page on those devices.

Twitterverse Mobile Screenshot

(please ignore the test data, I believe we were using Justin Beiber tags during development to keep the tweets flowing in.)

Which is a shame because not only did the galaxy view work on all devices we were getting 10fps on the Nokia phone running Mobile IE. Whereas our oncerns were justified by a 1fps rendering speed on the iPhone 4G. But to be fair they were rendering a 1080p canvas with enough objects to fill it all in - if we had another 4 days or so we could have easily made the animations run well on most modern smartphones.

And although we didn't do as much stress testing as we did for the MSN Superbowl contest last year, we did run some high volume twitter feeds over the course of a weekend. The result was something close to 1 million tweets with about 4 second page loads on the dashboard.

Gallery Direct Redesign

For this project we created the designs and html templates. I coded the initial framework and implemented the primary layouts. Then we brought on some co-workers to finish up the remaining page templates and customizations so I could transition to Power & MSN.

The site is going live soon, but for now you can see what the site used to look like:

Here are some of the original HTML5 templates we sent out:

Gallery Direct Home Account

Sweet Leaf Tea

Worked to maintain the company's primary website written with Symphony, and a number of sister properties use for social engagement.

Sweet Leaf Tea Home

In addition to Facebook Tabs & Fan Pages I implemented the Granny's Almanac Microsite using WordPress, the HTML5 Geolocation API, an open source weather api, and some clever JavaScript to create a really engaging contest to get your own phrase printed under the cap of Sweet Leaf Tea bottles. Phrases were dynamically scaled to render inside the cap.

Granny's Almanac

MSN & Chevy Route66 Competition

Last year we knocked out a pretty sweet html5 video mosaic site that allowed MSN & Chevy to hold a contest for picking a user-submitted video as their Chevy Superbowl commercial. We used Isotope.js to render the mosaic. And the site was responsive for tablets & phones. And the production server was load tested to handle millions of views per day. And because the contest was global we implemented i18n support for 12 different languages. Hosted with Softlayer in 7 data centers around the world. We implemented a custom architecture using C# & ASP.NET.

I also developed a deployment system that used FileSystemWatchers to track for updates to the application so we could deploy updates to temporary folders on each server, then asynchronously publish a command file that was only a few bytes to a daemon process. Once triggered the systems would dynamically update the hosted ASP.NET process using the speed of local filesystem operations. This allowed us to update the site live without downtime.

MSN Chevy Superbowl Contest


Just a basic site redesign for a typical corporation. Nothing glamorous, just a clean customized WordPress site


Premiere Global Services

(their new site is worse than their old one I did, so I'm just going to show you the screenshots of the old one)


Balfour / ArtCarved / Family Jewelry

So I can't seem to find these screenshots but basically Balfour integrated directly with to offer products directly through walmart. Just a bunch of xml services and at some point in the process an iframe redirect to Balfour's processing servers. It wasn't great work, it was just cool to see my work on


Just a bunch of dry shipping business logic with all the complexity you'd expect from an international shipping industry.

Neopost Neopost

I also did a homepage refresh fro SendItNow - a sister company of Neopost that offered cheaper domestic shipping rates. Please remember that this was 2006, the internet was pretty lame back then ;)


Opus Healthcare

Due to server damage back in 2003, Opus Healthcare is the oldest company I have screenshots from. And unfortunately I've been contacted by their attournies to never host screenshots of the software again. I'm going to try to put up blurry thumbnails to at least display some of the complexity of the web application I worked on for three years. But honestly it wasn't pretty to look at, and frankly I'm kind of embarrassed of the quality of these last two sites so it's probably for the best ;)