Marcus Pope

Husband, Father, Inventor, Programmer Highlands Ranch, CO - °

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Marcus E. Pope
9787 Sylvestor Rd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Career Objectives

I seek a senior-level full stack development position with a technology-focused company. I thrive on complex problems and enjoy feature collaboration in a small team environment. I excel in organizations that practice agile development paradigms and support a healthy work-life balance.

Technical Profile

I am proficient in a variety of languages with a recent emphasis on TypeScript, C#, and PHP. I'm a SecDevOps practitioner with experience deploying cloud-based software in a continuous and containerized pipeline. I'm comfortable developing on Windows, Linux or MacOS and I'm capable with dev automation strategies across Powershell, Bash and NodeJS. My primary focus is web application development but I have extensive experience with Frameworks, APIs and Win32 system development.



Senior FullStack EngineerPresent

Vangst is a technology based recruiting platform for the cannabis industry. My role focuses primarily on leading a team of 8 to develop back-office solutions, a PWA for our gig workers and a web platform for self-serve recruitment needs.


Senior Software Engineer2017 - 2019

Code42 provides endpoint security with a next gen DLP solution combined with their industry proven incremental backup client. I worked with two teams to develop a forensic file search application capable of searching billions of file events across an organization within seconds. I led a team of 5 to develop an security alerting application designed to notify security administrators and CISOs of exfiltrated data.

  • SecDevOps development practices.
    • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform.
    • Concourse & Jenkins CI pipelines.
    • Docker container management with Docker Compose.
    • Zero-Trust security practices with AWS Cognito and JWE security tokens.
  • Serverless architecture with Lambdas, S3, Kinesis, DynamoDB and CloudWatch.
    • AWS Cloud, Lambdas, S3 and Kinesis development.
  • TypeScript / React FE feature development.
    • TypeScript, Redux and Hooks SPA development.
    • Unit Testing with Mocha / NYC.
    • System Testing with
    • Ant.Design, MaterialUI and custom components.
  • Node.js, C#, Java, Kotlin service development.
    • Worked with a variety of backend services across multiple projects.
    • Mock services built on AWS LocalStack.
    • Unit, system and integration testing.
    • Auditing and logging with enterprise security considerations.
    • AWS telemetry, service monitoring, health checks and alarms.
  • Microservice architecture planning and Product / UX design collaboration.
  • Extensive on-boarding, training & mentoring for new hires and interns.

Senior Software Developer2015 - 2017

AgileLaw provides real-time deposition document management and collaborative annotation capabilities via responsive web applications for desktop/mobile and native iOS/Android apps. I worked with the CTO upgrading and enhancing almost every facet of the platform.

  • Enterprise-level Yii app with a PostgreSQL backend and Backbone/jQuery frontend.
  • Extensive security architecture to protect sensitive client documents from a data breach.
  • Cloud storage integration for 3rd party hosts including Relativity, and Dropbox.
    • OAuth & JWE credential management.
    • Background RabbitMQ processing for conversion of PDF documents to XOD format.
    • Windows Server daemon for conversion of Office documents into PDF with COM Interop.
    • Remote reporting and health monitoring.
  • Cordova application development and testing for iOS and Android.
    • Supported real time socket communication over Hixie76.
    • Developed a web-app version and a Cordova-based application.
    • Consolidated duplicate development efforts with a shared library architecture.
  • Real-time interactivity for concurrent users via SocketCluster and RabbitMQ.
  • Extensive UI upgrades for modern UX practices.
  • Unit and functional testing through PHPUnit and Selenium.
  • Typical DevOps responsibilities: migrations, Monit, EC2 deployments, package management.
Full Time DadAug 2014 - 2015

Senior Software Developer & Team LeadAug 2013 - Jul 2014
  • Designed a custom data access layer in PHP using reflection.


    • Cross-platform PHP tools for Windows and Linux.
    • Schema migrations and reversions.
    • Remote database differentials and patching.
    • Full MySQL schema exports.
    • InformationSchema reflection and refactoring.
    • PHP model objects with multi-source hydration.
    • Dynamic CRUD operations, table aliases and basic join support.
    • Dynamic cache key generation and cache invalidation hooks.
  • Modernized a legacy portal built with Silex.
    • Implemented Smarty template inheritance.
    • Upgraded to HTML5 and Bootstrap.
    • Created a consistent set of pluggable UI widgets.
    • Implemented site-wide form validation.
    • Fixed dozens of security vulnerabilities.
  • Implemented and maintained dozens of ExpressionEngine sites.
    • Improved site performance from 5s to 0.7s page loads.
    • Created reusable templates and includes.
    • Implemented a content migration and deployment plugin.
    • Created EE to WordPress migration strategy and coordinated the technical launch of
  • Implemented major core enhancements to a high frequency trading system.
    • Managed integration with Boberdoo a 3rd-party HFT PAAS.
    • Integrated with, Five9, Plivo and Salesforce for both internal and customer facing portals.
    • Rewrote a flaky multi-threaded message queue with proper semaphores and transactional DB access.
    • Implemented a global caching layer with Stash / memcache.
    • Abstracted all hard-coded scalars and config variables to a centralized configuration web portal to minimize deployments and audit changes.
  • Worked closely with VP of engineering to manage a growing development team.
    • Led peer reviews for feature design & architecture.
    • Established source code, deployment and testing policies.
    • Created reporting tools with API integration to JIRA and Stash.
    • Established and significantly contributed to documentation and unit tests.
    • Integrated a custom sprint tracking utility driven by Git hooks.
    • Daily assistance and mentoring for a team of 6 developers.
  • Fixed systemic flaws in development and production environments and codebase.
    • Refactored a massive, unsynchronized, cherry-picked, tightly-coupled common library across 7 core systems.
    • Normalized all teammates' disparate development environments for consistent file paths, application versions and configuration.
    • Migrated VCS platform and development/production infrastructure from SVN to Git.
    • Migrated from Apache 2.1 to Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.5.
    • Created a cloud deployment tool with disaster recovery support.
  • Conceived and coordinated epic pranks on coworkers and supervisors.

Argand Technologies /

Director of DevelopmentFeb 2013 - Aug 2013
Director Responsibilities
  • Managed architecture and feature development of
  • Hired and managed a development team of 4 full stack developers and two QA analysts.
  • Reported to CEO, president and investors.
  • Documented standard development policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Scrum Lead for a modified Scrum/Kanban process.
Development Accomplishments
  • Symfony 2.1 - 2.3 Development.
    • Advanced forms and templating.
    • DI and service abstractions.
    • Fully managed database with Doctrine entities and migrations.
    • Twig templates and custom extensions.
    • Custom Symfony extensions using compiler passes and base entity abstractions.
    • Composer dependency management.
  • Created a graduation planning feature with college entrance probability metrics.
  • Created a CommonApplication generator from a social media based timeline and high school grade transcripts.
  • Reporting, automation and testing.
    • Node.js metrics server.
    • Bitbucket API extensions for scrum management.
    • PhantomJS/canvas CSS regression automation.
    • Jenkins CI and build automation with PHPUnit tests.
    • Custom Symfony console commands.
  • Used LessCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery/UI, Twitter & Facebook Graph.


Senior Software DeveloperMay 2011 - Feb 2013
  • Developed responsive HTML5 web sites.
  • Developed a responsive video sharing site for to promote their XLVI Super Bowl Contest.
    • Translated to 8 different locales.
    • Hosted globally on 4 continents.
    • Presented on as a full-page takeover.
    • Integrated multiple video and image asset CDN platforms.
    • Implemented hacking and gamification defense mechanisms for online video voting.
    • Designed as a single page app supported across all major devices.
  • Created a content management system for our copy editors.
    • A heavily customized WordPress Multisite installation.
    • Custom content workflows from draft to final print.
    • Exportable into custom Word document templates via WScript/COM.
  • Created a few plugins available on
  • Contributed to WordPress core bug fixes and patches for v3 - v4.
  • Developed a social media metrics tracker for internal use to monitor our client's social engagements across 6 major providers.
  • Various projects including Facebook apps/profile pages, cloud service monitors, social media integration and build process automation.
  • Won 4 HFS awards for outstanding work.