Marcus Pope

Husband, Father, Inventor, Programmer Austin, TX - °

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Marcus E. Pope
3701 Rip Ford Dr. Austin, TX 78732

Career Objectives

I'm seeking a remote position for full stack development. I prefer small agile team development for a technology-focused company. I thrive on solving complex problems at scale and although I'm adept at team management, I prefer sticking to development.

Technical Profile

I'm highly proficient in JavaScript, PHP and C# plus a variety of scripting languages like bash and batch. I can work with any flavor of SQL or NoSQL database (I prefer Postgres & MongoDB.) I'm comfortable developing on Windows, Linux or Mac in that order of preference. My primary focus is web application development but I have extensive experience with Framework, API and Win32 system development.


Senior Software Developer2016 - Present

AgileLaw provides real-time deposition document management and collaborative annotation capabilities via responsive web applications for desktop/mobile and native iOS/Android apps. I worked with the CTO upgrading almost every facet of the platform.

  • Enterprise-level Yii app with a Postgres backend and Backbone/jQuery frontend.
  • Extensive security architecture to protect sensitive client documents from a data breach.
  • Cloud storage integration for 3rd party hosts including Relativity, and Dropbox.
    • OAuth & JWT credential management.
    • Background RabbitMQ processing for conversion of PDF documents to XOD format.
    • Windows Server daemon for conversion of Office documents into PDF with COM Interop.
    • Remote reporting and health monitoring.
  • Cordova application development and testing for iOS and Android.
    • Supported real time socket communication over Hixie-76.
    • Developed a web-app version and a native application.
    • Consolidated duplicate development efforts with a shared library architecture.
  • Realtime interactivity for concurrent users via SocketCluster and RabbitMQ.
    • Node.js
  • Extensive UI upgrades for modern UX practices.
  • Unit and functional testing through PHPUnit and Selenium.
  • Typical DevOps and DBA responsibilities: migrations, monit, EC2 deployments, package management etc.
Full Time DadAug 2014 - 2015

My wife and I split the parenting responsibilities 50/50 like we do with most everything. During this time I built a few hobby projects you can view in my portfolio.

Senior Software Developer & Team LeadAug 2013 - Jul 2014
  • Designed a custom data access layer in PHP using reflection.


    • Cross-platform PHP tools for Windows and Linux.
    • Schema migrations and reversions.
    • Remote database differentials and patching.
    • Full MySQL schema exports.
    • InformationSchema reflection and refactoring.
    • PHP model objects with multi-source hydration.
    • Dynamic CRUD operations, table aliases and basic join support.
    • Dynamic cache key generation and cache invalidation hooks.
  • Modernized a legacy portal built with Silex.
    • Implemented Smarty template inheritance.
    • Upgraded to HTML5 and Bootstrap.
    • Created a consistent set of pluggable UI widgets.
    • Implemented site-wide form validation.
    • Fixed dozens of security vulnerabilities.
  • Implemented and maintained dozens of ExpressionEngine sites.
    • Improved site performance from 5s to 0.7s page loads.
    • Created reusable templates and includes.
    • Implemented a content migration and deployment plugin.
    • Created EE to WordPress migration strategy and coordinated the technical launch of
  • Implemented major core enhancements to a high frequency trading system.
    • Managed integration with Boberdoo a 3rd-party HFT PAAS.
    • Integrated with, Five9, Plivo and Salesforce for both internal and customer facing portals.
    • Rewrote a flaky multithreaded message queue with proper semaphores and transactional DB access.
    • Implemented a global caching layer with Stash / memcache.
    • Abstracted all hard-coded scalars and config variables to a centralized configuration web portal to minimize deployments and audit changes.
  • Worked closely with VP of engineering to manage a growing development team.
    • Led peer reviews for feature design & architecture.
    • Established source code, deployment and testing policies.
    • Created reporting tools with API integration to JIRA and Stash.
    • Established and significantly contributed to documentation and unit tests.
    • Integrated a custom sprint tracking utility driven by Git hooks.
    • Daily assistance and mentoring for a team of 6 developers.
  • Fixed systemic flaws in development and production environments and codebase.
    • Refactored a massive, unsynchronized, cherry-picked, tightly-coupled common library across 7 core systems.
    • Normalized all teammates' disparate development environments for consistent filepaths, application versions and configuration.
    • Migrated VCS platform and development/production infrastructure from SVN to Git.
    • Migrated from Apache 2.1 to Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.5.
    • Created a cloud deployment tool with disaster recovery support.
  • Conceived and coordinated epic pranks on coworkers and supervisors.

Argand Technologies /

Director of DevelopmentFeb 2013 - Aug 2013
Director Responsibilities
  • Managed architecture and feature development of
  • Hired and managed a development team of 4 full stack developers and two QA analysts.
  • Reported to CEO, president and investors.
  • Documented standard development policies, procedures and best practices.
  • Scrum Lead for a modified Scrum/Kanban process.
Development Accomplishments
  • Symfony 2.1 - 2.3 Development.
    • Advanced morms and templating.
    • DI and service abstractions.
    • Fully managed database with Doctrine entities and migrations.
    • Twig templates and custom extensions.
    • Custom Symfony extensions using compiler passes and base entity abstractions.
    • Composer dependency management.
  • Created a graduation planning feature with college entrance probability metrics.
  • Created a CommonApplication generator from a social media based timeline and high school grade transcripts.
  • Reporting, automation and testing.
    • Node.js metrics server.
    • Bitbutcket API extensions for scrum management.
    • PhantomJS/canvas CSS regression automation.
    • Jenkins CI and build automation with PHPUnit tests.
    • Custom Symfony console commands.
  • Used LessCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery/UI, Twitter & Facebook Graph.


Senior Software DeveloperMay 2011 - Feb 2013
  • Developed responsive HTML5 web sites.
  • Developed a responsive video sharing site for Chevy to promote their XLVI Super Bowl Contest.
    • Translated to 8 different locales.
    • Hosted globally on 4 continents.
    • Presented on as a full-page takeover.
    • Integrated multiple video and image asset CDN's.
    • Implemented hacking and gamification defense mechanisms for online video voting.
    • Designed as a single page app supported across all major devices.
  • Created a content management system for our copy editors.
    • A heavily customized WordPress Multisite installation.
    • Custom content workflows from draft to final print.
    • Exportable into custom Word document templates via WScript/COM.
  • Created a few WordPress plugins available on
  • Contributed to WordPress core bug fixes and patches for 3.1 - 3.3.
  • Developed a social media metrics tracker for internal use to monitor our client's social engagements across 6 major providers.
  • Various projects including Facebook apps/profile pages, cloud service monitors, social media integration and build process automation.
  • Won 4 HFS awards for outstanding work.

Independent Contractor

Senior Software ConsultantSeptember 2008 - April 2011
  • Switched to consulting and contracting work to improve my dated skill set from Neopost Loopone.
  • Designed and developed an automation framework for distributed process automation.
  • Managed full product life cycle, development, testing and deadlines for up to 6 active clients.
  • Worked on projects for Premiere Global, Dell, Neopost, MyEDU (aka Pick-A-Prof), Proteus Biomedical,, and various smaller short term projects.
    • Developed cloud-based data mining platform for MyEDU to gather schedules, grades and book lists from all public universities in the US.
    • Created a custom content management system for Premiere Global.
    • Designed a hate speech content filter for
    • Developed warehouse automation system for mid-scale fulfillment center.

Neopost Loopone

Senior Software Engineer / Project LeadJul 2007 - April 2010
  • Designed and maintained postal systems for ParcelForce Worldwide and the UK postal system.
  • Created an end-to-end parcel solution for Australia Post with a customer tracking portal.
  • Worked closely with QA and management to improve our scrum process.
    • Implemented a unit testing framework
    • Initiated code reviews and SVN management procedures.
    • Improved development schedules.
    • Implemented customer acceptance testing with clients in UK, France, Spain and Australia.
    • Worked directly with international clients to refine software specifications and develop design documents.
  • Lead developer for a 3 month project implementing security and accessibility solutions for international regulatory compliance as recommended by Qinetiq.
  • Worked with a small team to slipstream the upgrade to Apache 2.0 / Embperl 2.0 compatibility.
  • Created common web components across four major systems to improve maintenance.
  • Implemented a white-label application for HDN, the UK's largest private shipping firm.
  • Redesigned to implement AJAX pricing calculator and a new cross-browser design.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Balfour / American Achievement Corp

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead2007

Opus Healthcare Solutions

Software Engineer / Project Lead2005 - 2007

Renew Data Corp

Process Engineer / Software Engineer2003 - 2005

Fast Media, llc

Software Developer / MIS Director2000 - 2003

Controlled Decisions, Inc

Junior Software Developer1996 - 1999