Most of my work is actually done on my usb drive and I don't push all of my projects to GitHub or BitBucket. Eventually I'll start publishing some of my work into packages for download here. Until then you should just review my source control accounts:

BitBucket - Mostly Personal Work

VerbotenJS - my object.prototype extension library for JavaScript.

MDNodeWiki - A CMS framework developed with verboten.js as both a proof of concept and an optimized cms for developer sites. The name has recently changed to ScrewPress because screwpresses are a powereful type of printing press.

FlashMessenger - A win32 application designed to bridge operating system level functionality with browser based JavaScript applications.

GTDWin - A Getting Things Done inspired window manager for Windows OS.


My GitHub Repo

RWD Simulator is a little utility script I wrote to aid in the development, debugging and testing of responsive websites.

PixelDiff - A jQuery plugin that allows developers to overlay design comps in the browser to tweak CSS until a pixel perfect match is attained. By displaying and hiding the comp, you can watch for shifts between where your implementation is and where it should be in the design. It also helps to discover rendering differences between browsers and older versions.

There are a few more projects coming, Prompt.js a form validation library, an SVN Wrapper for saner command line use of SVN, and a node.js based search engine capable of crawling dynamic websites and applications.

WordPress - Plugins

My WordPress Profile Page

The support page I recently started here for more control over communication with plugin users. The profile support page on is nice, but it doesn't give you a global communication point for all of the plugins, just a profile field and individual plugin pages via the readme files and suport forums.

My WordPress Support Page

And recently Softpedia began hosting two of my plugins and gave me a profile page... um ok, cool I guess.

My Profile Page

Preserved Editor Markup

StackOverflow -

My Profile

Websites -

I'm also hosting a couple of websites. All of them, including this one are still in their infancy. But they'll soon be up to my typical standards of functionality and design. (Project site for verboten.js) (A general node related blog) (A deprecated wordpress site for me and my wife) (Project site for the ScrewPress project) (A wip website for my daughter)