Marcus Pope

Husband, Father, Inventor, Programmer Highlands Ranch, CO - °

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Most of my work resides on my usb drive and I don't push my projects to GitHub or BitBucket with any regularity. I wrote a few WordPress plugins back in the day but I don't support them anymore. I also have a StackOverflow account with a teeny bit of reputation accrued.

For most of my career I developed software that I thought other people would want to use. It was difficult to stay motivated working on a project that I ultimately didn't care about. I decided to write software I cared about instead and that has left me with a suite of applications that I'm going to combine into a virtual assitant.

Since this change of focus I have written apps that automate most of the tedium from my life. Everything from chores, schedules, groceries, project management, and invoicing have been automated to the point where I never get bogged down or miss out on life.

Two of those apps Pwnn and Todai are key components in this suite of apps, and I think other people will like them too. So they are going to be published first as a proof of design. My wife is already using one of the apps and so far it's saved her a bunch of hastle prepping for groceries. But she also found a few bugs (because she's really good at that) so it will be a while before I can launch it.

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