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Project Type: Content Management System

Interface: Web Application

Status: Beta


WordPress is great, but they put full URLs in the database. The internet has this concept of root relative urls that solves the pesky problem of links breaking when you have content served on a development server versus a production server. I tried to submit a patch to the WP Core develoment team, and they told me it wouldn't work without even trying it.

So then I wrote a plugin to prove that it would work, and it was a very popular plugin for other developers who used similar staging environments. Even after proving the concept and demonstrating the advantages without any consequences to existing users, they said it violated their design decision and the issue was closed. I ultimately stopped supporting the plugin but it's still used today in over 40,000 installations.

I decided to divert my resources spent on supporting the plugin into developing my own CMS with similar principles. This site among many others are now hosted on ScrewPress.



ScrewPress delivers content in blazing fast times. Intelligent caching and a non-blocking architecture deliver content in hundreds of milliseconds.


Generating content is easy when you can pick from Markdown, Jade or HTML.


Most of the core features are developed as plugins. This allows for overriding them with custom implementations for ultimate flexibility.


ScrewPress uses a proprietary security layer that offers two-factor auth protection from sniffing and most MiTM attacks without requiring SSL. Privacy


ScrewPress is available as a service only right now. The project is going through a major redesign to make plugins easier. Before I let others develop against an exploratory API I've decided to restrict access until this is complete. I'm hoping to finish this portion by the end of this year.