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Artificially Intelligent Task Lists

This is the last app you'll ever need to manage chores, groceries, errands, events, and everything else adult about life. Backed by smart algorithms, Todai will present you with a simple list of what you need to do today.

Inteface: Web Application

Status: Alpha


The reason pen an paper work so well for todo lists is because of their simplicity. Jot something down and you are done. Having a physical list however has many drawbacks. So I created Todai, as simple as a pen and paper but with ubiquitous access from any device.

Todai will not only track the things you need to do, but it will also track things you've done. Know for sure how many sodas you have on a daily basis, or cigarettes you've smoked in a week.

How it works

The interface contains two elements, an input box to add tasks, and a list of tasks that you can check off or swipe to dismiss. Todai learns from your lifestyle and presents you with only the tasks that you need to focus on.

If you add a similar task again, it will associate the two and calculate a frequency for when to suggest the task. You can specify due dates in the task just like you would on a notepad and Todai will extract the relevant data.

It learns which tasks are time sensitive like paying bills, and which tasks are flexible like a load of laundry, based on both the content of the task and how reliably you complete it. This allows Todai to suggest tasks that matter without overloading your day with more tasks than you are typically capable of doing.

Finally, with a forecast view, you can see what is due over the coming weeks. You can prevent schedule surprises without having to fiddle with reminders and alarms.

Your data is yours

Todai doesn't lock you into the application like other todo apps. At any point you can export a complete list of the activities you do grouped by the frequency in which you do them. You can even print off a copy of today's tasks if you just need to feel the press of a pen to paper ;)

You can also have separate lists that keep private information separate from general lists.

Shared lists for households

Add other users to a given list and you can share tasks with others. Either of you can check off the items for yourself or the other person with additional checkboxes to the right of the task. This makes family chores or roommate responsibilities easy to divvy up while eliminating all doubt about the balance of effort between users.

Release Date

I personally use this app every day. But it was built out of necessity and coded only for me and my family. Converting it into an application that supports other users will be a big endeavor. But I suspect it will be ready near the end of 2018.