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Screwpress Performance

ScrewPress boasts page load times in the hundreds of milliseconds...

Mind you that might seem like average performance for a simple site, but this page was served on a Pentium II, running Windows Vista, on only 5 gigabytes of system memory, behind just about the worst performing 5MB uplink routed through two daisy chained wifi routers. And it still reaches your device in under half a second on average. Nothing beats this performance for the features delivered.

This level of performance is delivered through Node and built with VerbotenJS on the server and client. The entire platform is extensible with plugin support and delivers rapid implementation schedules for content sites and web applications.

ScrewPress is currently in alpha, but a beta launch is planned for 2018.

(Obviously the numbers go up with high traffic and or with international traffic, but on serious hardware and uplinks you won't have to worry about traffic)